Deluxe SolaVent

PV Powered Solar Attic Fans

Did you know SolaVent will remove as much hot air as 9 Whirly birds!

Deluxe SolaVent has a THERMOSTAT that removes 2,295 cubic meters of hot air from the roof cavity every hour once temperature exceeds approximately 28 Degrees Celsius

What's in it for you?

Solar Attic Fan
**The incredible benefit to you is the thermostat**
The old Thermos flask had an air vacuum between the hot contents and the cold atmosphere. The thermostat ensures your “vacuum” keeps a buffer air space between inside your living area and the outside elements, summer or winter. Whirly birds remove air – so in winter especially, rooms are colder and in summer, hotter. Only 1 SolaVent is needed. In Australia, close to 40% of total residential power usage can be attributed to heating and cooling. By cooling the ceiling in summer and reducing damp and moist air in winter, SolaVent can improve the comfort of your home and its indoor air quality. Where homes have air conditioning installed, SolaVent can save hundreds of dollars each year improving the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

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