When it comes to installing a solar system for your home, the most challenging step of the entire process can be selecting the right solar panel installation specialist. There are numerous providers in the market, but all are most certainly not equal.

The solar panel equipment you purchase is classified by objective product specifications and based on costs. The solar company you choose, however, can be a subjective entity. Which solar company is right for your needs?

It’s crucial to choose a solar installer with the experience, training, professionalism and expertise to deliver on its promises, as solar panel installation is a specialised process.

Solar Panel Installation – A Specialised Process

Installing solar panels and the accompanying equipment is a specialised process requiring targeted training and expertise.

Simplified, the steps in solar panel installation include:

  1. Assessment of the best system to suit your needs and budget
  2. Identification of suitable roof placement location
  3. Determination of ideal mounting system 
  4. Mount system installation
  5. Solar panel installation
  6. Electrical wiring
  7. Connection of system to the solar inverter
  8. Connection of solar inverter to the electricity Grid
  9. Switch on the solar inverter
  10. Test System

The Importance of Choosing a Reputable Solar Company

When you hire a reputable solar company, every step of the process will be managed in-house – from an expert assessment of your residential power needs to advice on the correct system to meet those needs. Once these have been determined and agreed upon, the solar company will handle the installation process and provide ongoing maintenance requirements as per industry and product recommendations.


  • Is the solar provider quality- and customer-focused, rather than simply selling and installing a system that won’t meet your individual needs?
  • Beware of safety concerns with low-quality installers, as not all solar installers are equal – some are not even licensed electricians! Your solar panels and other system components must safely be installed by a professional electrician who is experienced and licensed to install solar.
  • Quality materials and installation processes – the right solar installer will offer only high-quality products, but the installation process will be undertaken by licensed electricians who are experienced in residential solar installation. Ideally, they will be part of the solar company’s team.
  • Warranties and Maintenance – does the solar installer offer manufacturer warranties on the product, as well as warranties on the panel and system installation itself?

Why All Energy HQ is your Superior Choice for Solar Panel Installation

Choose All Energy HQ as your preferred local solar panel installer on the Sunshine Coast to benefit from our:

  1. Expertise – all of our team has the training, qualifications, and industry expertise to help you select the perfect solar system for your needs. Our solar installations are performed by only the very best, vetted and licensed, qualified electricians who have all been accredited by the Clean Energy Council and with whom we are very proud to work.
  1. Market Reputation – we have more than thirty years of dedicated experience in the residential solar power industry and we have a proven track record as the best residential solar provider on the Sunshine Coast.
  1. Licensing and Insurance – we have the licensing, insurance, and accreditation to give you the peace of mind that you are working with the very best solar panel installers in the industry. We are a Member of the Clean Energy Council, the Alternative Technology Association, the Australian Solar Council, and Solar Citizens.
  1. Tailored Solutions – we do not take a cookie-cutter approach to your solar. Instead, we base our solutions on your unique needs after a thorough assessment. These are based on your home’s configuration and size, its aspect, your energy usage, your projected needs, and your budget.
  1. Exceptional Customer Service – from using leading solar brands for the highest quality products available on the market to premium advice, superior installation, and quality after-sales care, we provide a superior customer experience throughout the entire process from your first contact with us to regular maintenance of your installed system.

Choose All Energy HQ

All Energy HQ is your premium local Sunshine Coast Solar Power Specialist, and we have the ideal solar solutions you seek to create a greener home and to save money by minimising or eliminating your power bills. We look forward to working with you to achieve your home solar goals.

To learn more about the solar products we offer and solar panel installation at All Energy HQ, visit our website or contact us today. Call (07) 5438 7200 or email Sales@AllEnergyHQ.com.au

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