Solar Power Inverters

Solar Power Inverters & how they work

What are solar power inverters? And which solar power inverter brands are the best? 

Your solar power system is comprised of several critical parts. You’re likely well aware of your solar panels, but what about the other components of your solar system? The solar power inverter is a crucial component of your solar power system. You can consider it as the central hub of your system – without the right inverter, your system will not work. 

Your solar inverter converts the variable direct current (DC) output generated from your solar panels, into usable alternating current (AC) which is 240V and its then fed into your home to power your appliances. 

Any extra power your system produces, may be directed back into the public power grid or fed into a home solar battery power system. Modern hybrid solar inverters integrate a battery management system to simplify this process. 

Why does quality matter?

Just as the quality of your solar panels is important, so is the quality of your solar inverter. Yes, solar inverters are expensive – but in the solar industry, you get what you pay for.  So, this is not an area where it is worth the risk of choosing cheaper options. 

A high-quality inverter product with robust and durable convection cooling capacity is essential for a solar power system to last, especially in Australia. Lower quality, cheaper inverter products, unfortunately have a track record of failure in the harsh Australian climate. 

As experienced industry experts, All Energy HQ can provide advice and guidance on the type and brand of inverter best suited to your needs, whilst remaining within your budget. 

Solar Power Inverter Brands we recommend

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