Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

The QLD Government still offers significant financial Solar Power incentives to make installing your Solar Power System easier via the Solar Bonus Scheme known as Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs).  Thanks to STCs you will receive an upfront discount on your solar (PV) panels. The amount of Small-Scale Technology Certificates you can receive varies depending on your location and the possible power that your Solar System can produce. Federal government body the Clean Energy Regulator sets the market size for STCs each year after deciding how many small-scale renewable energy systems they anticipate being installed in the coming year. Then, the value of STC fluctuates in accordance to the supply and demand within in the industry.

When the market looks like it’s in line with CER projections, supply meets demand, which stabilises prices. For example, a 6.66kw solar system at the beginning of 2021 will be 92 STC’s worth at approximately $35 each. That’s a $3,220 reduction on your system price. However, throughout the year the value of each STC can fluctuate lower or higher- affecting the amount you pay for your solar system.


To be eligible for the STC’s you need to have your system installed by accredited professionals, have a system less than 100kW and use Clean Energy Council approved Photovoltaic Modules and Inverters. All Energy HQ only use solar accredited solar installers and Clean Energy Council approved products to guarantee our customers are able to claim STC’s on their system and therefore lowering the price.

Feed In Tarriffs

Electricity retailers in South East Queensland (SEQ) voluntarily offer competitive feed-in-tariff rates for their customers with solar power. This rate will be paid for any electricity that is being fed back into the grid from your system. Each electricity provider offers a different feed-in tariff rate so it is important to do some research and find the best rate. Our sales representatives can help you out and recommend Electricity retailers who provide higher rates. 

* Please note that it’s important to wait until after your solar installation is complete to change providers. *

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