Affects of Solar Panel angle and orientation, along with the location of your property, will have an impact on how much solar power your panels can generate. It’s important to install solar panels on the roof of your house facing the direction that gets the most consistent light, as most houses aren’t perfectly arranged in accord with the cardinal angles and there are significant considerations of trees and other potential impediments. Solar panels generate maximum power when they are positioned perpendicular to the sun, so that the sun’s rays hits the panels on a 90° angle. Let us assist you in determining the best possible location to install your solar panels.

If you do have a flat rooftop, do not despair, All Energy HQ can install tilt kits that angle your panels to increase sun exposure, maximising their energy generation. This tilt will also allow for rain water to better wash away any dust or grime on your panels, further increasing the generation capacity of your solar panels.

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