More Australians are embracing environmentally sustainable ways of living and this is no more evident than in the adoption of home solar technology. Australia benefits from the highest levels of sunlight worldwide, and as such, we are perfectly positioned here to harness the power of the sun for residential electricity via rooftop solar systems. To maximise these benefits, home battery storage is required.

What are Home Battery Storage Systems?

Home battery storage systems are used to store the excess energy generated by your solar panels for later use. This energy is then available for use:

  • Overnight
  • When the weather is overcast or raining
  • During a power outage on the grid

These residential systems have evolved to the point that they are now much more affordable than previously and can connect to the grid easily. By adopting the right home battery storage system, you can dramatically reduce and even eliminate your power bills.

How Do Home Battery Storage Systems Work?

Solar battery storage systems operate by storing the excess electricity produced by your solar panels. This is more cost-effective for you than it is to sell your excess power back to the public grid. The higher your battery’s capacity, the more electricity it can store.

When the home storage battery is full, your inverter halts the supply of power from the panels to it. Later, when the solar panels do not produce adequate electricity to power your home, your appliances will draw power from the battery.

These systems work in a variety of ways, depending on the system you have installed.

AC Coupled Storage (On-Grid)

An on-grid home battery storage system allows you to store the excess electricity made by your solar system. The system also draws from the electricity grid when there are days your solar panels aren’t producing enough electricity. When your batteries are charged to full capacity, the electricity can be sent back to the grid. Then, when the batteries are depeleted again you can draw it back.

DC Coupled Storage (Off-Grid)

Much like on-grid batteries, off-grid batteries are charged with the excess electricity produced by your solar power system. However, off-grid systems supply power to properties that are either not connected to or have chosen to disconnect from the public electricity grid.

Once the batteries are full, the inverter will stop the solar system from supplying the batteries. The battery will send power to household appliances when the solar system isn’t producing enough electricity, for example during the night. When the battery is depleted, you can turn on the fuel generator and when this is running it supplies power to the house, allowing the battery to once again recharge.

Key Considerations and Tips:

  • Use energy-heavy appliances during the day when your solar system produces the most power. These include your air conditioner, washing machine, clothes dryer, and dishwasher.
  • Do you require on-grid or off-grid battery storage? This will depend on your desire or requirement to supply to and draw from the public electricity grid.
  • Your chosen home battery storage supplier can help you assess your power needs so that you select the battery size you require. The best system will be expandable so that it can grow with your needs.
  • While the upfront costs of home battery storage may come as a surprise, the right system for you will pay for itself over time in terms of reduced power bills and maximising the benefits of your PV system.

Installing a home battery storage system is a wise investment decision that delivers big savings in the future.

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