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Australian-made, on-grid and off-grid storage systems

RedEarth Energy Storage has been providing Australia with energy storage solutions since 2013, catering for everyone from residential households and small to medium businesses – right through to large scale commercial and industrial operations. RedEarth Energy believe in giving customers the tools to power themselves.  Their systems are customised for every customer to fit their needs now and in the future. 

All of RedEarth’s energy storage systems are assembled and tested in their Brisbane Factory to Australian Standards. Their products come with a 10-year warranty to give you the highest quality products and service available in Australia. 

A factory-tested and proven standalone battery system, Honey Badger is made mostly of tough-powder coated aluminium for additional weather resistance. It can withstand Australia’s variable weather conditions making it suited for outside installation. 

This system comes with two power ratings and suits customers who require up to 10kW of Power, Up to 32kWh of battery storage, and use up to 50kWh a day of electricity.

As RedEarth Energy is a local company, you can reply on their ongoing tech support if any issues should arise. Continuous monitoring is also provided for additional peace of mind.

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Monitoring and Support

Our service doesn’t stop when our products leave our site. We continue to support our customers and technicians with the installation and the maintenance of our products. Our systems can be remotely monitored from your mobile device – all you need is an internet connection. RedEarth can also monitor the system remotely for you.

High Quality

Red Earth products are designed and engineered to withstand Australian conditions. Each system is assembled and tested in their factory in Brisbane. Their high-quality components are compliant to Australian standards. RedEarth uses the highest quality components and all their products have a comprehensive warranty of up to 10 years.

Scalable to suit your needs

Our energy storage systems are scalable so you can design a system that best suits your current needs. Products are designed to be easy to install, made with powder coated aluminium and steel enclosure, making them a set and forget operation with online maintenance.

Red Earth HoneyBadger
OFF-Grid Power

Designed for Country Homes and Small Enterprises!

Max. 11.6kW PV panels (5.8 each MPPT)
Max. 250Vdc PV string voltage

5,000VA continuous (@ 25°C) 10,000w peak power
10,000VA continuous (@ 25°C) 20,000w peak power

Up to 8 x 4.1kWh Australian Made LFP Troppo batteries

920L x 650W x 1680H (mm)

185kg without batteries + 42.5kg per battery

48VDC nominal

Hard-wired to the local switch board

10A power point on the side of enclosure for AUX loads

Backup Generator hard- wired directly to the HoneyBadger

RedEarth monitoring system included with 4G SIM

Customer monitoring on mobile device

RedEarth remote monitoring service included

RedEarth Energy, Solar Battery Storage Sunshine Coast

Red Earth BlackMax
OFF-Grid Power

Designed to power sheds, weekenders and houses!

Connect up to 5kW of solar panels to the MPPT (max. 450VDC 22 A single input VDC/22A)

5000W peak 10,000VA surge


Dimensions 1020H x 750W x 500D (mm)

50kg + 42.5kg per battery per battery)

48Vdc nom.

I5A AC output plug (<3.5kW)

I5A AC input plug (for generator), optional hardwire and autostart

Option to hard-wire to internal terminal block

Optional remote monitoring on mobile devices and PC (subject to network availability)

Moveable display (Cat6 max 20m)

Red Earth DropBear
ON-Grid / OFF-Grid Power

Designed for Country Homes and Small to Large Enterprises!

Connect up to 20kW of solar panels

Continuous output during the day = 15kW Continuous output at night = 7.5kW

Up to 14 x 4.1kWh Australian Made LFP Troppo batteries

1300L x 560W x 2020H (mm)

300 – 500 kgs, depending on the number of batteries (42.5 kg per battery)

48Vdc nom.

Hard-wired with a by-pass switch and generator/grid
connection to terminals

RedEarth monitoring system included with 4G SIM

Customer monitoring on mobile device

RedEarth remote monitoring service included

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