Hail Damaged Solar Panel

Hail damaged solar panels are dangerous

2019’s storm system caused many hail damaged solar panels throughout South-East Queensland. In fact, All Energy HQ were still receiving calls from customers not realising that their system had been damaged. With 2020’s storm season quickly approaching, its important to know how to monitor your system and recognise signs of hail damage. This is important as a damaged system can become very dangerous.

Checking your panels for hail damage

If your solar panels are visible from the ground, you can check to see that there are no obvious broken panels. If any of your solar panels have been smashed, they will need to be replaced. However, physical damage to your panels isn’t always obvious. The impact of hail my have introduced micro cracks in the panels cells. Therefore, it is best to have your system examined by your solar installer. 

Furthermore, panels aren’t the only components of your solar system that may become hail damaged. Other rooftop components such as isolators could have been hit by a hail stone. This is especially dangerous as isolators could be a fire hazard if they fill with water. 

You should also be checking your inverter to ensure there are no fault messages present and that your solar system is still producing power. Check that your system is producing what it would in typical  conditions. If there is a considerable decline in energy production, there is most likely a problem with your system and it will need to be examined.

What to do if your panels are damaged

If your solar installer determines that your panels are damaged, they will need to be replaced. The cost of this can be covered by insurance depending your policies. The solar installer who inspects your system will complete a report. All Energy HQ will then provide a quote to fix the damages. 

All Energy HQ are here to help

Contact us if you have any concerns about your solar system this storm season.

We’re a local company which has been serving the community around us for over 30 years. Our connections with solar technology suppliers are numerous, so we are always looking for the best components to use and learning the newest techniques to install and maintain solar energy systems. In all circumstances, we focus on providing the highest quality: advice, service and components.

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